The Perfect Suicide

jhp50a25bd5c9fb2-1‘I loved him, missed him and hated him. Every day. Although it did me no good…’

Following a family tragedy, Emma escapes to university in search of a new life. Still raw and vulnerable, she struggles to fit in with her fun-loving housemates and feels excluded. Only charismatic, caring Pete takes her under his wing and shows her true friendship.

Pete introduces Emma to his childhood sweetheart, Lucy, and the bleak Northumberland coast where they grew up. Together, Pete and Lucy also introduce her to their unconventional way of life.

As Emma and Lucy grow close, Emma feels torn as her feelings for Pete develop into something deeper. But Pete has a traumatic past of his own, and his concern for the two girls who love him is not all it seems…

You can read the prologue to The Perfect Suicide here. And if you like what you see, you can order the book on Amazon UK now.


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